First Kiss


Michelle Seaborne is shocked when she finds out she's been tapped to mix Alexander Trent's new classical album. The shock isn't because he's a big rock star now playing classical piano, it's because he is her dream man. The man who turns that first kiss into something more and always remembers her. Problem is, Alexander doesn't remember Michelle. So when she catches him eying her from across the room, she's urged to go after what she wants...even if it's just for one night.

Alexander doesn't know who his new sound mixer is, but he's drawn to her. So drawn he has this annoying compulsion to always kiss her. Those kisses turn into an erotic night spent in Michelle's company, but the magic doesn't last. Alexander, hating himself for what he's turned into, deliberately ends things with Michelle, unknowing how devastated she would be.

Michelle and Alexander are two people who have significant parts of themselves that are broken. Michelle feels she's unlovable and questions every feeling someone may have for her and Alexander hates who he's become so much that he pushes people away. Despite this, both characters are drawn to each other. It's not until the truth comes out about Alexander being Michelle's first kiss and she the kiss he could never forget that they let go of the past and look forward.

First Kiss is an emotionally charged read that has you hoping for the HEA. A great read!

~REVIEW by Shannschoice of Night Owl Reviews
Date Added: 05/02/2012 by Robert Omstead