Grand Theft Auto II

December 22, 2021

Grand Theft Auto II

Everything you need to know about Grand Theft Auto II.

GTA 2: The Movie Remastered (4K 60 FPS)

Grand Theft Auto 2 Full Movie (1999) in 4K Resolution and 60fps. GTA 2 film featuring Claude Speed. Shoutout to DoctorMike for the idea. Remastered by Mafia Game Videos. Fire up your engines and get your weapons ready! Join Smash Karts and dominate your opponents.
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Live action film featuring Scott Maslen as Claude Speed.

Note: If the transitions are “choppy” don’t blame me, that’s the original video itself. That’s 1999 video editing for you.

Film Plot:
“Game Intro”
This is the startup video for GTA 2 on PC. It features a trailer of the live action movie.

“Pursuit and escape”
Zaibatsu Corporation promptly obtains a record of Claude, and dispatches an assassin (who doubles as a janitor in the company) to kill Claude.

“Cop chase”
Meanwhile, Claude discovers a police car tailing him, resulting in a chase that lasts for a period of time. After the police car spins out of control, allowing Claude to escape, Claude seeks refuge in a paint shop, where his car is resprayed with a white body color. This allows him to slip through police detection, and continue to go about his business.

“Meet the boss”
Claude arrives at a hideout for a group of Russians at a harbor, demanding they help him kill a member of the Rednecks. As the Russian mob boss is about to turn him away, Claude produces two packets of the Zaibatsu drugs to the boss. To the boss’ approval, the deal is sealed. As Claude heads to his next destination, he decides to consume some of the drugs himself, with less-than-desirable results…

“Basement and baseball”
Still under the influence of the drugs, Claude makes another stop, this time an underground Yakuza haunt, where an unknown individual is in the process of being tortured with baseball bats. With two boxes of Zaibatsu drugs to show, Claude is asked by a Yakuza boss to help locate & rescue a fellow associate, in exchange for a monetary reward. Claude complies and leaves, as the tortured prisoner is bludgeoned in the head with a hammer by the boss.

“Shoot him when he’s down”
With the Yakuza boss’ order in mind, Claude locates a step van stopping at an intersection, exits his car and guns down the driver, shooting him three times & spitting on him. Claude then proceeds to open the van’s cargo hold, revealing a group of people dressed as monks, presumably meant to represent the Hare Krishna gang. Claude finds his man, and returns him to safety, where Yakuza members greet him with open arms. Claude leaves to prepare for his next job as night approaches.

Using the step van acquired in his last mission, Claude arrives at a storefront to pick up the Russians, as promised. They are heading to a bar where Elvis is performing a gig; the bar scene reveals Redneck members with Yakuza members celebrating the recent rescue of their cohort. Claude and the Russians arrive, as Claude paves the way for the Russians to storm in & provoke a firefight that presumably results in casualties on all sides. Claude walks away with a grin on his face as a Russian is seen gunned down.

“Crime does not pay”
The final scene depicts Claude walking to a sports car and attempting to break into it. A shadowy figure emerges from the background, revealing himself to be the Zaibatsu assassin, who fulfills his responsibility by shooting Claude three times in the back, killing him. The film ends with Claude collapsing beside the car as the assassin walks away.

– 0:00 Game Intro (Movie Trailer)
– 1:55 Pursuit & Escape
– 3:18 The Assassin is activated
– 4:18 Cop chase
– 5:22 Meet the boss
– 6:21 Basement & baseball
– 7:07 Shoot him when he’s down
– 8:02 Elvis
– 9:10 Crime does not pay
– 9:33 Credits

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История компании Rockstar. Часть 1: GTA, GTA 2

Итак, мы начинаем серию материалов, которая в течение ближайшего года познакомит вас с историей деятельности одной из самых успешных игровых компаний современности — Rockstar Games. В первом выпуске мы проследим за тем, как студия DMA Design из пары амбициозных людей превратилась в весьма заметную точку на карте игровой индустрии.

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