Mountains – Stardew Valley Guide

December 25, 2021

Mountains – Stardew Valley Guide

The Mountains are to the north of Stardew Valley, and acts as a mini hub for a variety of different places, including extra areas to explore, stores, and

Stardew Valley, Winter 4, Year 2 – Mountain Fishing

I thought it would be a more productive day of fishing since I checked out a guide. It was the same level of success as yesterday. I’ve had it with winter fishing. I’mma go mining tomorrow instead.

Everything you need to know about Ginger Island (almost)

00:00 Introduction
00:20 How to get to Ginger Island
02:53 How the volcano works
04:32 Professor Snail and the Island Field Office
06:07 How does the island farmhouse works
07:00 What unlockable on the island is the best
10:46 The pirate’s cove and the resort
11:50 Birdie or the pirate’s wife quest
13:06 Other stuff in the island

It took me so long to finish this video because pretty everything that could keep me away from the video’s production happened. Sorry about that!

Forge Wiki article:
Volcano Wiki article:

This guide covers the content on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and most likely the mobile version of the game, since all of them don’t have any big differences, in version 1.5.

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Geodes – Stardew Valley Guide

Burglar Ring is a reward for killing 500 Dust Sprites not 150 please don’t hurt me.

Just to clarify there were multiple people involved in the discovery of this information, I was not one of them. I referenced Shardok because his post was the most thorough imo.
Also Sandy only sells Omni Geodes on Wednesdays.