Return to Goldenrod – Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal Guide

December 25, 2021

Return to Goldenrod – Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal Guide

Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

How to Get Shiny Celebi LEGIT in Pokemon Crystal VC

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Video Description
In this video, I will be showing you how to obtain the Celebi event in Pokemon Crystal version along with how to change your in game clock and how to soft reset for a shiny Celebi! This Celebi can be transferred to Pokezzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal – Weekly Events

Compilation of Gen 2 Weekly Events (Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal) for Game Boy Color.

Many of the events that takes place in Johto and Kanto occur on specific days of the week. This guide provides a simple reference to each of those events, indicating where the event takes place and on which day it takes place.

Every Weekly Events:
0:11 – Lapras on Union Cave (Friday)
1:25 – Battle! Officers on Routes 34 & 35 (Every Night)
2:38 – Underground Shops on Goldenrod City
* Bargain Shop (Monday Morning)
* Haircut Brothers (Brother 1: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday; Brother 2: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday)
* Kanpo (Saturday, Sunday)
4:47 – Department Store on Goldenrod City (Sunday)
5:46 – Lucky ID on Radio Tower (Every Friday)
6:55 – Bug-Catching Contest on National Park (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
8:13 – S.S. Aqua Cruise (From Olivine City: Monday, Friday; From Vermilion City: Wednesday, Sunday)
10:05 – Meet Rival on Dragon’s Den Shrine (Tuesday, Thursday)
10:55 – Battle! Rival on Indigo Plateau (Monday, Wednesday)
11:49 – Game Freak! on Celadon City (Night)
13:14 – Shop & Dance! at Mt. Moon Square (Morning, Day; Monday Nights)
14:43 – Pokémon Grooming on Blue’s House (3:00PM to 4:00PM)
15:38 – The Day Siblings
* Monica of Monday (Route 40)
* Tuscany of Tuesday (Route 29)
* Wesley of Wednesday (Lake of Rage)
* Arthur of Thursday (Route 36)
* Frieda of Friday (Route 32)
* Santos of Saturday (Blackthorn City)
* Sunny of Sunday (Route 37)

Question of the day – Did you find and/or take every events while playing pokémon gold, silver and crystal?, tell us your own experience.

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Pokémon Crystal 100% Episode 25: Delivering Kenya, the Spearow!

Hey there. 🙂 In this video, we deliver a bird Pokémon to a fat man and we headbutt trees. I hope you enjoy!

As the title suggests, this Let’s Play will be completing Pokémon Crystal 100%. That means getting all 251 Pokémon, all the TMs, every findable item and anything else I think constitutes to 100%.

Once again, I hope you all enjoy! 😀