Chambara Controls and Tips – Nintendo Switch Sports Guide

December 24, 2021

Chambara Controls and Tips – Nintendo Switch Sports Guide

Chambara, or sword fighting, is one of six sports in Nintendo Switch Sports. It requires a single Joy-Con, but can be played with two, and allows up to two

Ranked Chambara #1 | Nintendo Switch Sports

Chambara is the next sport that I’m trying to reach A rank in. Enjoy a few of my games!

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Rocket Serve and Slide Attack Strategy Guide For Volleyball for Nintendo Switch Sports

This is an indepth guide for slide attack strategy guide; how to use slide attakcs in volleyball and when to use them! This also covers the rocket serve and how best to use it.

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Gaur Plains (Day) – Xenoblade Chronicles DE
And You Will Know Our Names – Xenoblade Chronicles DE
Rooftop Run (Night) – Sonic Unleashed

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How to Win EVERY TIME in Nintendo Switch Sports! [Ultimate Tips to NEVER Lose!]

Struggling winning a certain sport, fear not because today I have a guide that will help you greatly improve and win every single sport in Switch Sports!

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